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super metallic spray paint
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Available size: 8 fl.0z, 10 fl.oz...
Available color: 18k gold, bright silver, super flash…

super metallic spray paint
No.Super metallic color/SP-3006
Technical data


Super metallic spray paint is for a bright, shiny, durable finish on almost any surface. Ideal for holiday decorations, jewelry, home décor accents, or wherever a brilliant finish is desired. Quick and easy application fast-drying, extra-durable finish. The paint film has high coverage, good adhesion, well hardness and flexility. Through the illumination of light source, its reflective effect can be achieve the best result that providing high-end gloss with shiny metal light.


Where to use

It can be widely used for interior/exterior applications, for surface finishing of iron and steel, metal, wood, glass, ABS and other surfaces.


This product has been classified in accordance with the hazard criteria of the Chinese Controlled Products Regulations (PRC) and the MSDS contains all of the information required by the PRC.





Odor, Color, Grade:

corresponding color, little odor

General Physical Form:        


Autoignition temperature:

No Data Available

Flash Point:

Not Applicable

Boiling point:

212 ºF


1  [Ref Std: WATER=1]

Vapor Density:

No Data Available

Vapor Pressure:

< 20 mmHg  [Test Method: Estimated]

Specific Gravity:

1.01  [Ref Std: WATER=1]


6 - 7  [Details: undiluted]

Melting point:

No Data Available

Solubility in Water:


Volatile Organic Compounds:

0 g/l

Percent volatile:

75 - 95 %

VOC Less H2O & Exempt Solvents:

0 g/l


50 - 200 centipoise




Adviced application environment

Well-ventilated area.



It will be better to ensure the stuff surface is clean, dry and oilless before apply the spray paint, if not, it will have an influence on the final effect. And you'd  better to apply the paint in a well-ventilated area and take gloves, glasses, respirator. Shaking the aerosol paint up and down several times softly to blend the paint well-proportioned, and take away the cap to apply.



Aim the nozzle at the stuff which you want to change its color, keep 15cm dstance between the nozzle and the stuff and press the nozzle softly, meanwhile, move the can slowly to ensure the paint is sprayed well-distributed. After applying, don't touch the surface before it dry. If you are not satisfied with some segment, you can spray at that segment again like before. Then wait it dry. 



The surface will brght-colored, touch well, look nice, it also can cover the old scratch make the surface look like new.


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